Millwood Garden Center and Nursery - Over 40 Years Family Owned and Operated in Westchester County
Products and Services
The Garden Center and Nursery have all the trees, shrubs and flowers you need to create the garden and and landscape you want plus exceptional personalized service you do not find at large retailers.  For example, one of our customers wanted to buy mulch.  He wanted to spend about $50.  He thought he could buy any mulch for $50 for his yard.  We explained to him the difference between our cedar wood mulch and the mulch product he had in mind.  Our cedar wood mulch would cost about the same amount as the other mulch for his needs this year, however, our cedar much resists moisture breakdown, disease and pests.  Hence, our cusomer would need to buy only a few bags of cedar mulch next year to replace a smaller amont of damaged mulch rather than replacing his entire supply of mulch next year. 
We take the time to understand our customers' needs and budget, and we educate our customers as to the best products to meet their needs.
Our professional services always include free estimates and advice concerning plants, trees, disease prevention, and pest control.
Nursery Products and Services Include:
  • Landscape design;
  • Installation of trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, and annual flowers;
  • Lawn seeding;
  • Sod installation;
  • Masonry work such as stone retaining walls, stone veneer, blue stone patios, walkways, and drainage areas.
Garden Center Products and Services Include:
  • Perennials
  • Annuals
  • Christmas Trees
  • Pest Control
  • Pots
  • Mulching Beds
  • Fertilization
  • Custom Gifts
  • Pruning
  • Custom Garden Design
  • And More!
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